Sudbury Speakers Club

Is a friendly welcoming club in the heart of Sudbury. Its a place where you can develop and practice your communication skills, in a supportive welcoming environment, with the help support and encouragement of the members.  Everything we do is designed to help you become a better speaker, better presenter and better leader.

To Help You Speak Better in Public

Express yourself with confidence and clarity and you will find new opportunities open up.
Once you can rely on your speaking skills, you will feel so much more confident about speaking in business meetings, speaking for charities and faith groups, as well as feeling a lot more confident.

Do you want to:

• use speaking skills to sell your ideas?
• speak confidently?
• stop feeling fearful?
• express yourself proficiently?
• transform yourself and your career?

Deliver better sales presentations

You can with the help of the Sudbury Speakers Club

Where and When

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of every month
Venue: The United Reform Church Hall School St Sudbury CO10 2HA
Time: 7 pm – 9:15 pm
Contact: Paul Johnstone: 07711 324362


Sudbury Speakers Club is a proud member of the ASC

“The most precious things in speech are the pauses” Sir Ralph Richardson