The ASC Development Pathway

Over the years, the ASC have developed a public speaking training programme and a personal development pathway which has a proven track record and is supported by a wealth of resources. Everything we do is designed to help you become a better speaker, presenter and leader.

There are many routes for personal development and growth at the ASC and you can choose how you want to progress. At the heart of what we do, is our comprehensive Speakers Guide which forms the basis of our development pathway and programme.

The ASC Speakers Guide

Our Speakers Guide is your 'Go To' manual to help you develop your speaking skills and forms the basis of our structured programme. You will find it central to most Speakers Club meetings.

ASC Development Pathway

There are three main stages to the programme contained within the Guide, namely, the Foundation level, the Achievement level, and the Diploma level, and each level is made up of a number of assignments.

In addition to the three main levels, there are additional assignments that are aimed at Applied speaking, Impromptu, and Evaluation skills. You get a copy of our Guide free with your membership.

‘I joined my local Speakers Club to improve my public speaking, but I have learnt so much more. From managing meetings, promoting and marketing my club, taking part in and judging competitions, and leading my club as their President, I’ve developed a whole new skill set. Now, as National Development Officer, I’m learning to take those skills to a new level.’

Lucy Pitts, Horsham Speakers Club

CPD Accreditation 

The ASC is now registered as a certified CPD provider and our speaking certificates have been approved as complying with CPD standards.