Become a Better Speaker

The core elements of the ASC programme are the prepared Speech, the Evaluation (feedback) and the Topic (impromptu). Each of these skills are woven into our public speaking programme, each stage of which helps you develop a new and essential public speaking technique.

Certificates of achievement are awarded as you progress to recognise and reward your efforts. Each certificate is made up of different assignments and challenges. Specific advice is provided at every step along the way and our Speakers Guide provides full details of our programme.

The Speech

The ASC public speaking programme contains a number of assignments each designed to help you learn and develop a new public speaking skill. On completion of each assignment, you’ll deliver a 6 to 8 minute speech to demonstrate you’ve acquired the required skill.

From how to structure your speech, to how to be convincing, how to use humour and how to build great audience rapport, you’ll learn all the essentials that go into writing and delivery a powerful speech.

And the great thing is’ll learn as much from others as you do from your own experience.

The Evaluation

Learning to give and receive feedback is an important skill. Every speech you deliver will be evaluated by a fellow member and you’ll learn a great deal from the feedback you receive. As part of your ASC training, you’ll learn how to assess and evaluate other speakers and then deliver your feedback in a way that is clear, constructive and compelling.

The Topic

Can you stand in front of an audience and talk on a subject that you haven't prepared for? With practice and constructive support, it is possible to improve and develop your impromptu skills. At the ASC we call this “Topics” and it’s a central part of Speakers Club activities. But don’t worry, you’ll never be put on the spot if you’re not comfortable with it and you will receive lots of encouragement.

Diploma in Public Speaking and Applied Speaking

In addition to the Speech, Evaluation and Topics assignments, you can also work towards a Diploma in Public Speaking and a Certificate in Applied Speaking by undertaking a number of additional assignments and exercises including giving a lecture, making a business presentation, speaking without notes and more.

“Since I achieved the qualification my confidence has increased significantly enabling me to present internally at work and also externally to a room of strangers.”

Claire Thompson, Newport Speakers Club

You will find full details of all our advanced public speaking assignments and challenges in our Speakers Guide when you join the ASC.