Improve Your Public Speaking and Become a Better Leader

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Welcome to the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC). When you join one of our Speakers Clubs, you’ll learn important public speaking techniques, and develop into a confident and compelling public speaker and leader!

When you join the ASC, you’ll have the chance to practise your public speaking in a structured but supportive and friendly environment. And as you learn new skills and your ability improves, so will your confidence. You’ll always receive constructive feedback and as you develop as a public speaker, you can also take advantage of the ASC’s personal development pathway which will help you take your skills as a speaker, a presenter and a leader to a new level.

And if you’re really nervous at the thought of public speaking, don’t worry, we know what that’s like and we’re here to support you. 

National Conference 
Glasgow 2024

Discover more about public speaking and how our programme will help you to develop your skills.

Take advantage of a wide range of helpful resources covering all aspects of public speaking.

Anyone can join their local Speakers Club, regardless of age, background, experience or skill.

Find Your Local Club

You will find Speakers Clubs all over the UK and our membership offers one of the most affordable and effective public speaking programmes available in the UK.

Use our Find a Club to find your nearest Speakers Club. If you can’t find a club or want more information, contact us here.

Everyone is welcome at the ASC. Most clubs meet twice a month and follow a structured agenda.

If you can’t find a club or want more information, contact us here.