I don’t know if I will like it
No problem. Many clubs let you attend a few meetings as a guest or charge a nominal fee to help you get a feel for things before joining.

I don’t have the time to attend regularly
That’s ok. You can come along as and when you have time. Many members do that. The programme works around your time available.

I don’t have the confidence
Speakers Clubs are ideal for anyone who is very nervous. You can take part in the programme at your own pace and many clubs have warm up sessions to help you ease into public speaking. Most people find their confidence quickly increases as they get used to club life.

What do I have to speak about?
You can talk about any subject you like although we ask you to avoid anything too political, controversial or offensive. You’ll find you get lots of ideas from listening to other speakers and in our resources.

I have no public speaking experience
No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome at Speakers Club whether you have never spoken before or are a seasoned and experienced speaker.

Is there an age limit?
No, anyone can join, although we ask that children under 15 are accompanied by a responsible adult.