After three years of feedback from members across the ASC I set out with a team of contributors, editors, and advisers to rewrite the Speakers Guide. After two rounds of open feedback from members by Zoom and email, and targeted feedback from NEC, corporate clubs, non-ASC members and previous National Educational Directors, we arrive at draft version 8 that is now ready to go to our design partner.  Alongside this new guide, a range of supplementary tools have been created and work on a brand-new website is almost complete. Please find below a summary of all the work:

The one difficulty in all of this has been communicating a clear timeline to members. This is because of the Covid situation leading to the postponement of National Conference. This has in turn prevented us from completing the ASC reorganisation process (boundaries, leadership terms, member involvement and constitution). We will be coming to members again to discuss all the above across Facebook, Zoom, LinkedIn, the Speaker Magazine, and Email.

It is becoming clear that we won’t be getting back to normal anytime soon. This is a difficult time for members and for the ASC but it can be the start of growth that our change journey has been working towards. One of the amazing things I have picked up on is a renewed sense of community in the ASC… a connection to the group and to each other. That is something that we can build on and we now have the tools to do it.